Cold Weather Tips

The cold weather has arrived on the Outer Banks and we wanted to remind all owners to ensure that their unit/home is prepared.

Please ensure that your heat remains on at all times over the next few months, we recommend setting it to at least 55 – 66 °F.  It is very important to turn off the water supply valve where the water line enters your unit/home if it is vacant during Winter.



  • Remove hose couplings from outside taps/faucets.
  • Drain water pipes, especially those against exterior walls.
  • Leave cabinets underneath sinks in kitchen and bathrooms open to allow warmer air to circulate.
  • If you are unplugging your refrigerator, leave the doors open and remove the water filter to prevent mildew.
  • Reduce your risk for fire hazard by having a maintenance professional check the furnace portion of your HVAC to make sure it is functioning properly.
  • Unplug all appliances to prevent fire hazards and switch off water heater at the circuit breaker.
  • Close fireplace damper to prevent animals from entering and warm air from escaping.



  • Check all water connections and replace water supply lines that are brittle, discolored or leaking
  • Check hot water heaters to ensure the drip pan is dry and there is no leaking.
  • Replace hot water heaters at any sign of leaking, discoloration or in non-working order.
  • Check water lines to washing machine, dishwasher and ice maker to ensure connections are secure and lines are intact.
  • Change HVAC filters and clean out condensate line.
  • Ensure dryer vent is cleared and lint screen is cleaned with each use.
  • Clean dust from around air handler and have air handler coils cleaned.
  • Clean exterior areas visible to visitors such as patio, porches, windows and front doors.

One can never be too prepared when it comes to preventing the unexpected damages winter chill may bring. 

Stay warm!