What is the advantage of using Seaside Management?

We are highly personal and we can respond to your needs quickly. We are available 24/7 and we have a “hands-on” approach into all aspects of managing your association and issues identified by the board of directors or individual owners.

What is the advantage of a management company over self-management?

When you contract with an outside management company, you get in-depth knowledge of what it takes to run your association professionally, in a business-like manner.  In this resort area, many homeowners live out of town and are not able to be on-site to identify and address needs on an ongoing basis. Also, self-management tends to wear out your volunteer pool—with a management company handling the day to day operations, owners are more likely to serve on the board if they can focus more on the big-picture items and long term planning.

Do you also manage vacation rentals and home sales?

No. Association management is all we do. We are specialists in this field because we feel that all our attention should be focused on the association, its board and the homeowners. We truly believe that this single-focus is one of our greatest strengths.

What does Seaside Management do for the association?

We are contracted by the board of directors to manage all business affairs of the association. Some general items that we handle are to maintain the common areas, collect assessments and dues, obtain bids for contractors, supervise contractors, communicate with the board and homeowners, implement policy decisions made by the board and resolve homeowner issues.

What is the function of the board of directors?

The board governs the association, sets policies and rules, establishes the annual budget and determines the annual assessments, and sets a vision for the community. They use Seaside Management to implement the policies and vision they have created for the community. Seaside Management attends board meetings and annual meetings to provide information, research and recommendations to the board and to the owners, but does not have any voting privileges on any association issues.

The board is responsible for holding membership meetings and elections, communicating with homeowners, overseeing financial records, resolving grievances and appeals, creating reserve funding for future capital improvements, establishing all rules, policies and architectural guidelines, etc.

What are my rights as a homeowner?

You have a right to a responsive and competent community association, a right to participate in the association by attending meetings, voicing concerns, serving on committees or running for election to the board of directors. You have a right to access certain association documents, as well as a right to file appeals regarding rules, policies or board decisions.

What are my responsibilities as a homeowner?

You must comply with the association’s governing documents, must maintain your property according to association standards, pay assessments and dues on time, and ensure that all owners and guests on your property abide by the association policies.

If I have a problem as a homeowner, who do I call?

If your problem has to do with assessment payments, maintenance of the common areas, a violation of the association rules, or architectural review applications, call or email Seaside Management. If the issue has to do with rules or policy changes, the board of directors will review your issue. You can either contact the board of directors directly or contact Seaside Management and we will forward your issue to the board. If you have a problem with a neighbor and it is unrelated to the rules, you should work it out among yourselves.

How can I receive a quote for my association?

Contact Jeff and Kelly Shields at Seaside Management. We’ll want to find out more about your community, talk about your needs, find out what’s going well and what you want to improve upon, and we’ll make a site visit to your property. After that, we’ll provide a customized proposal to address your specific needs.