Scope of Services


  • Maintain owner database with pertinent contact and property information.
  • Manage communication and mailings to owners.  Assist with website development and electronic communication and develop newsletters.
  • Provide periodic management reports and project updates to board of directors.
  • Respond to inquiries and provide documentation when requested by the board of directors, banks, insurance companies, government agencies, and attorneys.
  • Assist with board and annual owner meetings.

Four Seasons Winning PhotoFINANCIAL SERVICES

  • Serve as point of contact for owners regarding assessments; manage assessment dues process, owner billing, owner database, and records.
  • Manage collection process including late notices, statements, final demand letters, and work with collection attorney for further actions.
  • Perform routine bookkeeping tasks including prepare financial reports, bill payments, bank reconciliations, and the collection of vendor information.
  • Use a CPA for annual audit, file tax returns, and tax payments.
  • Assist with yearly budget planning and long-term capital reserve planning.



  • Conduct regular property walk-throughs and monitor the cleanliness and general appearance of the property.
  • Coordinate outside vendors and independent contractors providing services such as landscaping, repairs and maintenance of buildings and common areas.
  • Use Requests for Proposals (RFPs) and competitive bidding processes for large projects and yearly contracts as directed by the board, and work towards timely and satisfactory completion of projects.
  • Provide support service to the Architectural Review Committees (ARC) including application management, regular inspections of the community for ARC compliance, and maintenance of permanent files of ARC communications, if desired by the board.


Seaside Management also provides pool maintenance, repairs and pump installations for an additional fee.

  • We service over 30 commercial pools in various communities.
  • By managing a large number of pools we can provide cost-saving measures to the association through economies of scale.


  • We consult with developers of new communities, review draft association documents (Declaration of Covenants, Bylaws, Rules & Regulations, Architectural Control Guidelines, etc.) and make recommendations.
  • We assist in developing initial budgets and long term reserve planning.
  • We assist in transition from the developer-managed to the owner-managed community.


  • Because of the number of associations we manage, we many times can combine projects with our other associations and negotiate lower prices. We have successfully done that with road resurfacing, tennis court resurfacing, playground equipment replacement, replacement reserve study development, and painting.
  • We have successfully worked with developer-controlled boards of directors and transitioned the community to owner-controlled boards of directors, understanding the unique needs and goals of each.
  • We provide a needed level of consistency and stability during officer and board member transitions.
  • There is value in knowing the past, present, and vision for the future.

Our focus is generally an all-inclusive service at a set price so we can ensure that our clients get the services they need while being able to accurately budget for those services. For more information about what sets us apart, please contact Seaside Management at 252-261-1200 or .

We are proud members of the Community Associations Institute (CAI) and the Outer Banks Chamber of Commerce.