Tips for Safe Swimming

Nothing says summer vacation like warm days spent at the pool or at the beach. Whether you’re jumping waves in the ocean or splashing around in a pool, these tips from the Federal Citizen Information Center will help keep you and your family safe this summer:

  • Learn how to swim.  Whether it’s teaching your kids to swim or as an adult, learning yourself. Check for swimming lessons in your area on Giving your family the basic water skills they need will help keep them safe.
  • Keep an eye on your whole family. With lots of people splashing around in a community pool, it’s easy for someone to get dunked by accident.
  • In the ocean, don’t panic in a riptide. Before your family goes in the ocean, make sure you all know what to do if you get caught in a riptide. Try to swim parallel to the shore. Don’t fight your way directly back to the beach, but swim sideways until you are out of the current. Wave for a lifeguard to help get you back to shore safely.
  • Don’t rely on floats, rafts, body boards, etc. to keep you safe in deep water if you do not know how to swim.  Use these fun summer toys closer to the beach, where you can stand.
  • Know your beach location (beach access name, cross street name, etc.) in case you need to dial 9-1-1 for help.
  • Whenever possible, swim near a lifeguard.
  • And — you’ve heard this for years — never swim alone!

Playing in the water should be a fun family activity. With the proper safeguards, your family can stay safe while cooling off.